The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.


Trust is a basic need for a successful partnership. All partners need to know the relationship is collaborative, loyal and solid. If the partnership is in need of support or guidance, the partners trust they can come together in a way where needs and concerns can be met and realized.


We’re overwhelmed by “business experts” everywhere, especially on our social media feeds—post after post full of advice from people who don’t have actual know-how on what they are teaching. They’ve never owned a business or faced the difficulties you’ve faced.

Everywhere you look, there are people promising some secret formula to make you an overnight success.

As appealing as these claims may be, you know it’s not real. You know you have to put in sincere effort to get any result. But you also feel like you’re one of the few people who see things this way.

You want support from others, but you find yourself always wondering if the people you ask for help have the qualifications and experience to actually provide that help.

We know the hard work, determination, and sacrifice it takes to build a business. We have been where you are at this moment and have built multiple successful businesses from nothing.

Success isn’t for everyone.

It has to be earned.

What could you achieve in your life if you were given a precise system by people who have already taken the journey ahead of you? Our team of advisors, teachers, and successful entrepreneurs have already made the investment of millions of dollars to learn, use, and perfect the skills needed to make your life and business more efficient and powerful.

Power Partners is that system...and we are offering it to you.


Over the last 25 years, we’ve brought together people just like you—entrepreneurs (large and small business owners, and those in between)—and created a movement unlike anything out there.

We have built a strong team and created a family of extraordinary people who have each other's back and are dedicated to passing these skills along to their partners.

As a Power Partner you have a group of experienced and competent people you can reach out to when you need any help or support. However, we let you make the choice, schedule the time, and create the change you need at your pace.


Hone the skills you need

to dominate your business and

take charge of your life

Power Partners Live Sessions

Weekly Live Sessions

Join us every week for a LIVE virtual session with Bert, the BOWA Team, and Power Partners Members from around the world.

We have live sessions every Monday at 12pm ET / 9am PT and Wednesday at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT. You can choose which session you'd like to join every weeek. You can also attend more than once to network with more Power Partners.

This is the place to learn new skills, hone your knowledge, and network with like-minded people.

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Power Partners is difficult to sum up in just a word or two because there’s no other experience like it out there in the business world.

It’s a training program, professional community, and motivating journey all in one.

Founded and led by Bert Oliva, the Power Partners is for those who want to empower their minds and their pockets.


We know that if you join us for a year, your whole life (professional and personal) will be drastically improved.

Here’s what you will get out of this opportunity:

  • Develop the mindset & mental toughness to achieve anything you want in life
  • Learn how to tap into your own potential to achieve your own happiness
  • Experience positive growth in your business
  • Form strategic partnerships with fellow partners
  • Learn to utilize success systems in business & life
  • Learn how create core values for yourself & your business
  • Sharpen your communication skills, your presentation skills, and your closing skills
  • Be surrounded by like-minded people and build life-changing relationships

This program is designed to have Bert & his team on your side. It's your own advisory panel to help propel your growth.

You wanted a pro on your team...this is your chance. This is an exclusive membership that gives you the POWER!


Bert Oliva is sought after by companies all over the world for his passion, his knowledge and his infectious spirit. He is a Leadership Expert that has transformed lives and helped many to find their human potential.

Bert is an international orator and motivational teacher. He has authored books, developed multiple training programs and coached executives to increase their bottom line. Bert focuses on helping companies and individuals tap into their greatness by teaching them leadership, communication and helping to improve their overall performance.



What Others Are Saying

Andres Escobar

Andres Escobar,


"It helps me grow as a person and as an entrepreneur. It challenges me. We're a team and a family. Everyone comes together and everyone is on the same page and we're ready to support each other."

Edita Pariente

Edita Pariente,

Dolphin Productions

"This group is a lot for me. It gives me a lot of motivation and inspiration. I've learned that choosing to come to Power Partners is the best decision I can make for myself every week."

Phillip Aronoff

Phillip Aronoff,

By the Numbers

"I'm so grateful for this group. My business looks so much different now than it did before I joined. I've been able to do so many more things that I thought I could do and without this group I can't say that I'd be doing those things."

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Sign up fee waived for a limited time.

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