21 Days To Change Your Life

Exponentially Increase Results In Your Life

You’re stuck, you’re tired and you have been waiting for something to energize you and move you in the direction of your deepest goals and the life you know you deserve.

It’s here, it’s affordable and it’s in your power to take action now! Thousands have used it, heard it and lived by it. Now it’s your turn.

21 Days to Change your Life: 21 PowerArticles, with PowerTools, to inspire and push you, 21 PowerVideos that give you one-on-one coaching on Personal Power, and a 21-day Challenge CD to put you in the state of mind you need to MAKE IT HAPPEN!

System 21


  • Learn how to program affirmations that fit your lifestyle
  • Explore the mindset of success and how it affects you personally
  • Experience the power of programming your mind for anything in 21 days
  • Understand how you can turn a bad day into a great day
  • 21 PowerVideos with Bert Oliva coaching you one-on-one
  • 21-Day Challenge CD to reprogram your state of mind
  • 21 PowerArticles, with PowerTools, straight from Bert Oliva’s desk
  • Get updates and inspired daily
  • Connect with Bert’s Potentialists team and get your network started

From An Industry


Bert Oliva is known for his success as a corporate coach, sales visionary, consultant, speaker and entrepreneur, Bert brings real-world advice, carefully researched facts, memorable humor and powerful stories to the platform in order to shake up, wake up and motivate audiences in ways that produce lasting results.

Bert speaks from a lifetime of accomplishments and first-hand experience. Drawing on his own experiences and continuous research, Bert offers a wealth of insight into setting yourself apart or creating the right impact anywhere you go. He offers strategies to motivate you to action and improve your performance, relationships, and ability to think in new and creative ways.

"An innovative young business leader, Bert Oliva is fast becoming the leading authority in the art of communicating with others. I am amazed by Bert's ability to teach entrepreneurs and the average person the same complex marketing strategies the corporate giants use for a fraction of the cost."

-Kevin K. Ross, Author, Speaker, Minister, Creator of the 'Designer Life Systems'

"With Bert I have learned that being happy in life is a conscious choice, we don't get to pick the weather, but we do get to pick what attitude we have about the weather. Bert is full of charisma and passion which comes through crystal clear in all his work. These two qualities make him a natural leader and motivator, but what makes him unique is his authenticity and integrity."

-Maria Viera, Service Delivery Analyst, Burger King Corp.

"Bert's programs are like a stimulus package for anyone going through a mental recession."

-Victor Antonio, Sales Influence -Atlanta, G.A.